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Dread the thought of running out of your SleepezZze stash? We don't want you to feel dependent, but hate the though of an inferior nights sleep.

Sign Up for a monthly delivery. Every box will contain a travel size Knock Out Pillow Spray and  Lights Out Candle; the rest will be a surprise, revealing new discoveries we love. It will always be a great saving to you and, we hope, a welcome surprise.


Who doesn't love a  mysterious gift delivered to the door, every month?

Freeze or cancel your subscription any time it suits you. Contact us to change address permanently or if you're going to be away, but don't want to miss out, your box can be delivered to your holiday or work destination.


A great gift for yourself or anyone you care about ... a lot .

Order a one off delivery (£42) or an ongoing subscription (£35). That's one less thing you have to remember not to forget . 

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